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2 Travel Engineers

is a journey of two engineers, Sachi and Gurpreet, who call Greater Chicago, IL, US our home.

Our part time pursuit includes trying new food and exploring new places.

Our escapades include cruising with whales in Atlantic (Cape Cod, MA), watching killer whales in wild in Bellingham Bay (San Juan Islands, WA), driving on highest continuous paved road in the States (Trail Ridge Road, CO), visiting the first National Park in the world (Yellowstone, WY,MT,ID), jet skiing through confluence of Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico (Key West, FL), hiking 14000 feet Longs Peak in Rockies (CO) and living on water villas in middle of Indian Ocean (Lankanfinolhu, Maldives).

Needless to say, we want to add more to this. Our bucket list includes 50 states of US, 29 states of India, 6 continents, 4 Oceans, 7 wonders, a desert on each continent, straddle the Equator at La Mitad del Mundo and it goes on and on.

We both have Indian passports which is a challenge if you want to travel any where. Not only you need to plan your trip to the destination, but you also need to plan your trip to embassy. But nevertheless, we take that as part of the challenge and let our love for travel conquest everything.


So how do we do it?

We both are engineers and hence 2 Travel Engineers. (In case you didn’t figure out.) We get 10 days off clubbed with 4 long weekends, we get to travel at least 4 new places. We like spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with friends and family. Also, summer is our time to be hyper-active. We do most of our road trips in summers. We sometimes feel we hibernate in winter; also we would go extra miles in search of that perfect food.


Why Chicago you may ask?

Chicago is the third most populous as well as third largest US city. Despite the area and the crowd, we always tell people to either fast forward Chicago in just a weekend or take a whole week to actually feel what the city has to offer.

We love Chicago. 

I think this is one of the very few things that we both agree without doubts. May be it’s because how the city is. It’s a fast paced crazy city if you’re on Michigan Avenue, head a little south to Museum capus and it’s just a city with pretty skyline, some cars, lots of tourists yet calm and nice. Header further south to Hyde Park and you get splendid views all to yourself.

Besides, we are more of off-the-road people, so we would rather go to Hyde Park than North Beach. We would prefer driving 100 miles for a perfect piece of fried chicken rather than the fancy roof top bar. We have our luxury days more often than we would think but that’s a whole other story?

Because wanderlust and love for food would make you travel places!

Come find more about us in our blog.

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